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anyone out there a home assistant nerd? there's a thing i wanna do with rtl_433 and im curious if anyone else has done it yet (intercepting 900mhz boops from ambientweather room sensors so HA doesn't have to phone home to the cloud to get the temperature of the room)

Hey, I'm Bex! I'm new here and I make comics about autism, ADHD and mental health! I'm super excited to learn how the heck to use this platform 🙈 #autism #adhd #comics


this week i have been listening to:

* moonbase thanatos (ᴿᶜᶜ⁻⁰⁰²) by rcc contributors 💀
* through this nightmare by alice cooper
* adaption by woob
* vämjelseriter by necronomidol
* the eldritch realm by parius
* recoded by fear factory
* invaders by lukhash

Can any PC hardware fans recommend a good desktop case?

I have had an Antec 1200 for many years and while it is a decent case, it is a nightmare to clean or to access the drives (lots and lots of screws).

My only real prerequisite is that it can hold at least 3 HDDs and an SDD. Not fussed about RGB.

199,430 is the number of new users across different Mastodon servers since October 27, along with 437 new servers. This bring last day's total to 608,837 active users, which is without precedent the highest it's ever been for Mastodon and the fediverse.

job market seems a bit thin at the moment. nobody wanting to hire at the end of the year.

looks like i may be waiting a month or two before it picks up again

Also, dear new people, we all hope for a healthy distribution of small to medium sized servers. Not everyone flocking together on a very few big instances. Decentralisation, you know. You can move your account including all your follows/followers quite simply to another instance. Use that unique feature! !t

blessed samhain to all. we enjoyed a delicious apple and mustard baked ham feast and now trying to keep the dog calm from the fireworks while watching 3 from hell. saw some great costumes from the trick or treaters, two years of waiting has upped everyone's game

OpenBSD 7.2 was released 11 days ago!

19 new VMs were added and 37 VMs were renewed.

We donated €745 to the #OpenBSD Foundation, €24101 since we started.

Thank you, our users, and OpenBSD developers for an awesome OS!

Stay safe & healthy!

#RUNBSD in 2022

For anybody on their who doesn't quite understand federation or terms like Fediverse and instances, then maybe my blog post "disperse together" can help.

It is not a deep technical dive, more of an effort to explain roughly what the Fediverse is.

Feel free to send any questions my way.


this week i have been listening to:

* metal never rusts by white skull
* earthbound by black royal
* carpathia by freedom of fear
* the prelude by erocis
* the eldritch realm by parius
* electronomicon by zorgon
* monnos darkwave by conan

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So come take a drink and drown your sorrows, and all of our fears will be gone 'til tomorrow. We'll have no regrets and live for the day, in Nancy's Harbour Cafe