Arrived in Sheffield for HRH Vikings IV. First live music I have been to since HRH Vikings II in 2019! Also debuting my lockdown crafted battlejacket \,,/

that's excellent! well done dude. my best was 46 pushups in one go for a competition in my old gym. think I still hold that record

So, #BSD users of the fediverse. Which flavor is currently running on your machines?

Boosts appreciated.

#openbsd #freebsd #netbsd #dragonflybsd


this week i have been listening to:

* custom hrh_vikings_iv playlist
* to the end by memoriam
* beyond the realms of sorrow by dark nightmare
* league of distortion by league of distortion
* consensus trance by trillion ton beryllium ships
* soul furnace by black lava
* the dirge by rotlaust
* naa skrider natten sort by djevel
* domovina by parom

(At Hadrian's Wall)

Roman soldier: Centurion, there's a problem

Centurion: What is it?

Roman soldier: It's these painted guys keep showing up, they draw a cock on the wall and run back off north

Centurion: Urgh, unsolicited Pict dicks

This is the kind of conundrum that either #CaptainKirk or #DoctorWho would have used to baffle a deadly android to the point where it destroyed itself.

I get that people aren't willing to spend the bucks to press a bunch of CD copies of stuff. I don't like it, but I get it.

What I don't get is bands who only have their stuff up on Spotify/streaming services. Like, please just get a bandcamp page going. Let me give you actual money.

thanks for that. It is what I expected. I think I will start tinkering with ksh more and see how I go.

I would be interested in how you're getting on in a few months, and if you have resolved the key binding in vi mode

It's Friday night, the wife is out and the kid is asleep. I can (literally) let my hair down and rock out, except I have stomach cramps so sipping a peppermint tea. How very metal \,,/

interesting, aside from the two points mentioned how are you finding the transition?

I have thought about doing the same but have been using zsh for so long it is pretty much ingrained in my workflow


this week i have been listening to:

* mythical & magical by pagan altar
* the power of the hammer by biersbreaker
* divisive by disturbed
* sweet evil sun by candlemass
* beyond the wall by metalian
* useful potions and deadly poisons by saralisse
* tales from the southern realm by tales from the southern realm
* iii by sword
* domovina by parom

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