It's Friday night, the wife is out and the kid is asleep. I can (literally) let my hair down and rock out, except I have stomach cramps so sipping a peppermint tea. How very metal \,,/

On and off for 15 years I have been looking for this bag from Die Hard 4.0. After finding it online last week, today it arrived. Different colour than Farrell's, but still excellent.

Who remembers Live Free or Die Hard? I always liked the style of Farrell's windows, and had tried to copy it in the past with Compiz.

Now I can achieve something similar with herbstluftwm by setting the `theme.border_width` to 0 and `theme.padding_left` to 14.

this is how I have to WFH when the little one is too poorly to go to creche

decided to change window managers. switched from 2bwm to herbstluftwm, which I have been wanting to try properly for a while.

Bought this hank especially for Friday the 13th then completely forgot to post for internet points

So come take a drink and drown your sorrows, and all of our fears will be gone 'til tomorrow. We'll have no regrets and live for the day, in Nancy's Harbour Cafe