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Arrived in Sheffield for HRH Vikings IV. First live music I have been to since HRH Vikings II in 2019! Also debuting my lockdown crafted battlejacket \,,/

So, #BSD users of the fediverse. Which flavor is currently running on your machines?

Boosts appreciated.

#openbsd #freebsd #netbsd #dragonflybsd


this week i have been listening to:

* custom hrh_vikings_iv playlist
* to the end by memoriam
* beyond the realms of sorrow by dark nightmare
* league of distortion by league of distortion
* consensus trance by trillion ton beryllium ships
* soul furnace by black lava
* the dirge by rotlaust
* naa skrider natten sort by djevel
* domovina by parom

(At Hadrian's Wall)

Roman soldier: Centurion, there's a problem

Centurion: What is it?

Roman soldier: It's these painted guys keep showing up, they draw a cock on the wall and run back off north

Centurion: Urgh, unsolicited Pict dicks

This is the kind of conundrum that either #CaptainKirk or #DoctorWho would have used to baffle a deadly android to the point where it destroyed itself.

I get that people aren't willing to spend the bucks to press a bunch of CD copies of stuff. I don't like it, but I get it.

What I don't get is bands who only have their stuff up on Spotify/streaming services. Like, please just get a bandcamp page going. Let me give you actual money.

It's Friday night, the wife is out and the kid is asleep. I can (literally) let my hair down and rock out, except I have stomach cramps so sipping a peppermint tea. How very metal \,,/


this week i have been listening to:

* mythical & magical by pagan altar
* the power of the hammer by biersbreaker
* divisive by disturbed
* sweet evil sun by candlemass
* beyond the wall by metalian
* useful potions and deadly poisons by saralisse
* tales from the southern realm by tales from the southern realm
* iii by sword
* domovina by parom

Need a disposable root server for quick experiments? `ssh` (password: segfault). 

I'm currently teaching students some basic #DevOps skills and this service saved me quite some time. It starts a docker container with Kali Linux (i.e. Debian). Students can practice package management, try 'rm -rf /' or do some network management without me having to worry about resources or security.

Thanks @thc !
See for details.

It does contain the best hacking scene in cinema, where a character repeatedly pulls out floppy discs as if they’re weapons.

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this week i have been listening to:

* missa cantorem ii by powerwolf
* lang lebe der hass by hämatom
* seven words by xentrix
* custom ozzy playlist
* wither on the vine by darkest era
* shadowland by wolf
* origins of hate by infernal tenebra
* interspheral by dirt forge
* lightwork by devin townsend

Whoa, @somafm is on Mastodon now!

Go follow them- best internet radio in the world!

Hi, I need some help to cover expenses that have arisen to keep going, I would love to be able to offer new content or commissions but I'm going through a very complicated creative drought. If you can lend me a hand I have some interesting stuff in my store for online roleplaying games, digital artbooks and wallpapers.


#dnd #ttrpg #CharacterDesign #ConceptArt #dwarf #Sketchbook #illustration #worldbuilding #mastoart #OriginalArt

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So come take a drink and drown your sorrows, and all of our fears will be gone 'til tomorrow. We'll have no regrets and live for the day, in Nancy's Harbour Cafe